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Save On Vacations reviews visiting Texas and suggests if you’re planning a visit to Texas but are not interested in the business of Dallas or Austin’s quirkiness, San Antonio may be a better fit for you. There’s something for everyone in this family-friendly Texas town. Here are the top reasons you should check out San Antonio, Texas.

Save On Vacations Reviews Visiting The Alamo

Some people think you should visit the Alamo when you come to San Antonio. The legacy of those who fought and died there is a significant part of Texas and America’s history. When it was first constructed, it was a critical location during the Mexican War of Independence.

The site is also famous for subsequent wars against Native American tribes who were converted to Christianity here. Located near the famous San Antonio Riverwalk, the Alamo has been the site of many influential events and has become a permanent city symbol.

the San Antonio riverwalk and its many colorful sites

Save On Vacations Reviews Visiting San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is a city where you never know what will happen next. There’s always something to celebrate, with festivals and celebrations happening every month. In the summertime, locals and tourists will gather in the streets for Cinco de Mayo or the Fourth of July fireworks and jazz festival in September. The entire list of annual celebrations can be found online at

Texas has a very long history of wine production. There are more than 200 wineries in the state, with many located in or near San Antonio. Winemakers have found that a warm climate in the area means that grapes from certain regions ripen well here. The region planted vines nearly 100 years before Napa Valley and cultivated them for sacramental wines. Franciscan priests planted the vines and developed them for large production.

San Antonio, Texas

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Finding the perfect restaurant in San Antonio is tricky because there are so many options to choose from. If you like Tex-Mex, you’re in luck! Whatever your taste, you can find it in this town. There are options for everyone, whether you want to sit at a lovely table and feel fancy or get some tacos from a food truck. You can find what you’re looking for here, without a doubt.

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