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Save on Vacations says When they think about going to the beach, the Bahamas may come to people’s minds, but they’re not likely to be there. The powdery sand is swept up by blue waves as beautiful as crystal blue. You can find 700 islands and more than 1,999 smaller islands distributed across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Save on Vacations members remind visitors that the Bahamas is only about 80 kilometers from Florida and is at its nearest approach, very close to many major airports in the US. By looking at this list, you can plan your trip and learn more about where to go.

Grand Bahama Island

Save on Vacations Atlantis Paradise Island

The bright pink and salmon-pink resort takes up most of the skyline on Paradise Island. It tells the story of Atlantis through a luxury hotel and entertainment complex and an aquarium, and a water park. If you would like to vacation in the Bahamas, it’s among the best.

It’s also an excellent place to stay. People who stay at the hotel can go to the 141-acre Aquaventure for free, but they have to pay. Spend a day at this crazy water scene on Paradise Island.


It doesn’t matter that many people take pictures when you visit Nassau, Bahamas because it still makes people fall in love. Find things to do in Nassau. There are so many activities to choose from while on vacation. If you want to holiday from everything and relax on the white sand of Cable Beach, go to downtown and Bay Street. You can also go to Cable Beach. It’s also possible to buy gifts at the Nassau Straw Market explains Save on Vacations.

Save on Vacations Sites to Visit in the Bahamas

Harbour Island

Eleuthera, the big sister island, is just to the north of Harbour Island, which is very pretty. It was a destination where the rich and famous could hide from the world in the past. Now, it’s even more beautiful than it was before! It is called “Briland” by people in the Bahamas. It’s among the oldest places in the country. It was also where the first Bahamian parliament met, so it was important for the country.

Grand Bahama Island

Save on Vacations says in the north of the Bahamas, you can find Grand Bahama Island, called the “Big Island.” There are many package tourists and cruise ships there. There are two big cities in the Bahamas: Freeport is the capital, and Port Lucaya is the place to go shopping, eat, and have fun. People can buy jewelry and straw goods at the Port Lucaya Marketplace and other things. Many tourists and boaters hang out at the marina close to the beach.

The Elbow Cay

There are ships with many people from Marsh Harbor to Elbow Cay almost daily. If you want to holiday in the Bahamas, this is one of the best places. In Hope Town, there are a lot of homes that are covered in trees. Save on Vacations If you look at them, you can go backward in history and get a feel for how the Bahamian locals have lived there for centuries.

Save on Vacations Sites to Visit in the Bahamas 2

It is a chain of beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean called the Bahamas. There are so many more than 700 islands in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is to the southeast of Florida, and it’s made up of places that beach lovers dream of, like palm trees, sugar-soft sand, and turquoise water. You can see miles of powdery sand and 50 shades of blue water in this beautiful place.

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